April 28, 2007

hey Pete, its me Hiep, you made me that sneaky pete with the laminated shaft and moori tip a couple weeks ago and you wanted me to write some words for you to put up on your website.

The cue definitely caught all of my friends and fellow players attention the first time they saw me play with it, they noticed i wasn't playing with my usual cue and loved the way it looked. personally, i think this is one of the best playing cues i have owned ( and I've owned a low-end viking, a McDermott, and a Lucasi). I can definitely see a difference in my game. it was my first time playing with a laminated shaft and my stroke seems to have a great improvement. Even better players that are familiar with me have told me they see an improvement in my game, one even said 'you're gonna come up real fast'. Even though a big part of it has to do with me as a player, i can't help but think the cue has a part in how my skills are improving.