Pete’s Billiards Layaway Plan

Only orders of $100.00 or more may be placed on layaway. A 20% deposit is required at the time the layaway is opened. There is a 15% restocking fee on the total items placed on all canceled layaways. If you have not paid for the layaway in full within the layaway term, the layaway will be considered to be forfeited and 15% restocking fee will be lost .

Layaways placed for Christmas must be paid for and picked up by Dec. 20th.


Layaway Terms

Our layaway plan is good for 90 days with a $3.00 layaway fee. You may payoff your layaway anytime before the due date. However, a payment is required at least every thirty days. Once we receive your layaway and deposit, you will receive a copy of the layaway form and your item/items will be placed on hold. For every payment received you will receive a copy of a receipt payment and new balance. On the 80th day of your layaway, you will receive a courtesy call as a reminder that you have 10 days to payoff your layaway.



Layaway Payment Options

Master Card, Visa, Money Orders, Pay Pal, Cash, Personal Checks (as long not final payment).