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At Pete’s Billiards we know moving a pool table is not a simple procedure nor is moving a pool table a task you want to take upon yourself.


Depending upon style, thickness of the pool table slate and the length of the table, pool tables can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more.  Done the wrong way an improper pool table move can cause expensive damage to the base, legs, rails and slate. Not to mention the risk of serious injury that may occur to you during the process.


As professional Pool Table Movers, Pete’s Billiards specializes in moving pool tables, installing pool tables and recovering pool tables and through the years and we have developed our pool table moving skills to an art. To ensure the highest level of quality we use a machinist level for accurate leveling, beeswax for filling holes and seems.  We proudly serve the San Antonio area and all surrounding counties.


 So when you need to have your pool table moved call Pete’s Billiards today to schedule a job by one of our pool table technicians.  We take great pride in the pool table services we offer, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction during your pool table move, installation or re-felt.


We will disassemble and move all pool table parts to the location of your choice.  We will then reassemble and re-level your pool table reusing the original felt or new felt if requested..


All pool table parts and accessories then get wrapped in heavy duty moving blankets and the slate is stacked and secured down inside our enclosed trailer to guarantee the safe and professional transport of your pool table.  After moving the pool table parts and accessories to the location of your choice, we will reassemble and re-level your table and install the felt.